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New Imago
New Imago: Series in Theoretical, Clinical, and Applied Psychoanalysis is a scholarly and professional publishing imprint devoted to all aspects of psychoanalytic inquiry and research in theoretical, clinical, philosophical, and applied psychoanalysis. It is inclusive in focus, hence fostering a spirit of plurality, respect, and tolerance across the psychoanalytic domain. The series aspires to promote open and thoughtful dialogue across disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields in mental health, the humanities, and the social and behavioral sciences. It furthermore wishes to advance psychoanalytic thought and extend its applications to serve greater society, diverse cultures, and the public at large.

The editorial board is comprised of the most noted and celebrated analysts, scholars, and academics in the English speaking world and is representative of every major school in the history of psychoanalytic thought.

Editor(s): Jon Mills, University of Essex, Adelphi University, and New School for Existential Psychoanalysis
Advisory Board: Associate Editor: Ronald C. Naso Editorial Board: Roger Brooke; Wilma Bucci; Fred Busch; Marilyn Charles; Bruce Fink; Peter Fonagy; Glen Gabbard; Oren Gozlan; Aner Govrin; R.D. Hinshelwood; Julia Kristeva; Edgar Levenson; Arnold Modell; Anthony Molino; Thomas Ogden; Adam Phillips; Howard Stein; Paul Verhaeghe; Vamik Volkan; Polly Young-Eisendrath; and Roy Barsness