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Historical Dictionaries of War, Revolution, and Civil Unrest
There is a lot to like about Scarecrow's various Historical Dictionaries series. -Booklist As far back as you reach in history, war, revolution and civil unrest have erupted and ravaged the land, overthrowing kingdoms and empires, tearing countries apart or welding them into larger entities, and replacing one ethnic or social elite with another. Even in the post-Cold War era, as after the Great War or the -war to end all wars,+ this is a common occurrence. So it is important not only to understand warfare, but also to study the many wars that have shaped human history. That is the broader purpose of this series. More precisely, the books provide factual information on significant military leaders (and sometimes also the common soldier), major campaigns and battles, the armies, navies and air forces involved, the weaponry and technical gear, as well as the political and diplomatic background. While written as objectively as possible, each volume ends with a substantial bibliography for those who want to know more or find different opinions. These books are therefore particularly useful for military personnel, historians and military buffs. But they can be helpful for anyone interested in history and the role war has played - and continues to play. This series continues to grow. It stretches all the way from Ancient Egypt and Greece to present-day Iraq and Afghanistan. There are also volumes on specific branches of the American armed forces as well as on arms control. So it has become a primary source of information on warfare, all the more so since many of the authors are among the leading authorities in their respective fields.

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